Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rules for Blogspot Participation

In order to earn full credit for digital discussions you must do the following:

1. Post one original responses that answer the question.  It needs to be thoughtful and have evidence to support your answer from the texts (this means citations).  Also it must be 200 words +/- 10.

2. You must post three responses to your peers that are appropriate (think socratic seminar type of response).  You might present a different perspective, agree and expand, or pose some question that ultimately leads to more discussion.


  1. Ms. Seretis, do we do three responses for each of the questions, or three responses in total?

    1. Also, do the responses to our peers work have to also be 200 words?

  2. 210 words wasn't enough for me, next time we should have the limit be a little higher than 210 words... I could have elaborated on my topic much more, and others might have been able to too.