Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poe Poetry: Sonnets

With your partner, write and post a sonnet about physics.  You may choose to write a Shakespearean sonnet or an Italian sonnet.


  1. Hermida/Dodt
    Oh my dear physics my does thou torment me so?
    Every story I pen, is shot down, and killed by your cruel reality.
    Why must thou trick me, and humiliate my work?
    Why must thou make me look a fool?

    Hath you not killed the work of others?
    Is it just me?
    Pain, Pain Pain. With no end
    Why must thou force the stinging criticism down my parched throat?

    Who cares if I want a raven to talk?
    Who cares if I want a pendulum to drop?
    Who cares if a cat makes me mad?
    Who cares if an eye makes me sad?

    But no, physics, you cruel mistress,
    You must make my life pain and hate.

  2. Physics is Great
    Jakob Brown and Camden Backie

    A pendulum ticking the seconds,
    Back and forth, periodic motion.
    Potential to kinetic,
    A transfer of emotion.

    Centripetal force keeping our planets aligned,
    Proved by Galileo in very long ago.
    Thought the sun went around us,
    Never wanted that theory to go.

    A cannonball launched at fifty five meters per second,
    Where will it fall?
    With gravity affecting it,
    Will it be near at all?

    Physics is a great thing,
    Keeps the universe in swing!

  3. Dziszuk/Auger

    Physics comes in many shapes and sizes
    It goes all the way from the sky above you
    to deep into the ground beneath you
    From the gravity keeping you down
    to the momentum that keeps you moving
    The force that is being applied
    to the work that comes out
    Physics is all around you

    You may not love it
    you may not hate it
    but whatever your opinion
    it’s always needed
    it may be hard to comprehend
    but physics is always there in the end

  4. Hendrix/Hunt

    Disclaimer: Our sonnet about physics does not truly represent our feelings about the subject so please refrain from taking any of the information displayed as insulting.

    Mason and Rachel's Italian Sonnet on Physics:

    Contact and physical force
    Now there’s more to endorse!
    Is it physical or kinetic?
    I think it’s fine to say they’re both energetic...
    If you get it or if you don’t
    A teacher may love it, but a student most certainly won’t
    However it is important for the mind
    If you don’t know it you will be left behind

    My opinion you ask, oh do you now?
    Well, I’m not quite the one to say “wow”
    If you ask me my commentary, it’s dismal
    My distaste for physics is abysmal
    I know it will help and so I study it observantly
    I know soon it will click, and then I’ll know it thoroughly!

  5. The force due to gravity
    Is 9.8 meters per second squared
    Filling the velocity meter until maximum capacity
    If that were a human he would be in despair
    Force due to friction slows things down
    Air resistance does the same
    Centripetal force causes things to go around
    The explanations are very mundane

    Physics, oh physics, You never cease to amaze
    You are very hard to understand
    And often cause many students to look at whiteboards in a daze
    While they empty out their tear glands
    There are far too many numbers and complex equations
    That all challenge our mind’s inner machinations
    By: Emma Prejs and Logan Kane

  6. Physics,The Death of the Common Scholar

    At the beginning the year all they knew was f=ma
    but as time went on they`re minds became gray
    Physics, started in Ancient greece
    It began to grow piece by piece
    It soon became a study
    Soon taught everybody
    Galileo had started a revolution
    The Earth was replaced by the sun, by means of substitution

    Physics, the death of many scholars
    They scamper to the corner, because they felt smaller
    It beat their brains to a pulp
    When they saw their new grades they went, “Gulp.”
    Pacal, drag, vector and friction
    They plastered it to our mind just like an addiction

    By:Diego and Max

  7. What be’est thou, O Physics?
    Art thou the laws that dictate life?
    Art thou the Universe?
    Art thou the embodiment of the thoughts of all?

    Where be’est thou, O Physics?
    Do’st thou include the burning stars?
    Dos’t thou include the Heavens above?
    Do’st thou include the embodiment of all?

    Why be’est thou, O Physics?
    Doth thou balance the life of every soul?
    Doth thou destroy the life of every soul
    Doth thou represent the life of all?

    Physics, O Physics
    Thou art all!

    By: Kalyani Weiss, Owen O'Connor, Danyon Gedris

  8. Berry/Frost

    Physics, is awesome
    It makes us blossom

    It controls our lives
    But it makes grades take dives

    Physics can save Gwen
    So you must use it every now and then

    It gave us friction
    But caused us an affliction

    Physics helped us understand work
    But made us berserk

    It made us lose buddies
    Because we had to study

    Physics is okay
    But I’d rather go out and play

  9. Gravity pulls, past the ocean
    Even closer to the burning center
    Gravity pulls, putting me in motion
    As I look towards it’s inventors

    Newton tells in his first law
    Of an apple that sunk from a tree
    He found why the fruit did fall
    It was all due to gravity!

    Gravity pulls down from my hair
    It tugs me toward the core
    Never relenting, always there
    Until we all are no more


  10. The fall was long, dark, and quick
    The hair on my head whipped around my white face
    Cylindrical walls raced passed my flailing body
    The ground was being pulled towards me
    9.8 meters I fell in one short second
    I knew my life would be cut in half
    Like a falling car
    It fell to an uncertain ending
    All I believed in was left at the top of the pit
    My hope was falling with me
    I could feel the powerful pull of the Earth
    Gravity was getting the best of me
    What will happen when my body in motion hits the motionless ground?
    I am sure physics isn’t working in my favor today

    By- Hannah Mulford and Lauren Begnoche

  11. Physics are an Everyday Thing
    By: Heidi Kitchel and Delaney Brown

    Physics are an everyday thing
    They’re applied to objects in motion
    But even when an object is still
    Gravity still pulls it down

    Physics are an everyday thing
    They create transfers of energy
    Like momentum causes serious damage
    Yes, physics cause terrible disasters

    Physics are an everyday thing
    They may be difficult to understand
    But all you need to remember
    Is that with physics there’s always a plan

  12. Physics: The universe’s conspiracy
    A Joint Effort by Cole Chivers and Jacob Murphy

    Every force that rules our world works with its companions
    So many forces work together to form some “higher cause”
    Really its naught but a grand conspiracy of wise men with a privilege
    The privilege to explain our world and state our imagination’s flaws.

    This conglomerate of principles, theories, and ideas
    Dominates our universe and stymies all rebelion
    Puts down the thoughts and fantasies of those who wish for difference
    Considers all of those fore-thinkers to be nothing but hellions.

    Math and science come together to form a powerful pair
    The apex of finite laws that meld all into one
    Stunt the growth of new ideas and throw away all “unrealism”
    To every fresh, creative mind, it is anything but “fun”.

    These basic “laws of physics” take such real effort to grasp,
    And in the end these simple rules will bite you like an asp.